Assylum scene – Degraded Cheerleader

Stuck up cheerleaders are always pain in the ass. They think they are better than the rest and give other girls hell of a bad time. Well one of these girls just couldn’t take it anymore and convinced us to take this little bitch to our asylum for a little bit of training. Turns out this blonde cheerleader has been pretty deranged even before we started working on her. She even seemed to enjoy all the nasty things we forced her to do!


Sexual degradation therapy

If conventional methods won’t work, you can always try shock therapy! This bitch had no idea what she’s signing for, when she entered our asylum and now is too late to back down. She’s about to experience the most degrading sexual experience of her entire life!


Real BDSM for your enjoyment

Two horny guys and a helpless, thoroughly bondaged woman – that is a recipe for an amazing, degrading fucking. They will tie her so tight, she won’t move a finger and there will be no talking with that rock hard cock deep tickling her tonsils all the time. Enjoy!


Rough blowjob practices

She didn’t want to suck her boyfriends cock and no regular method worked to get her rid of her distaste. So we decided to try a hardcore approach and force few rock hard cocks down her throat. She didn’t like it much, but it made for a lot of entertainment in our Asylum.


Spanking, enema and rough anal

Learning anal takes effort. Not every girl is immediately ready to have a cock showed down her anus. So made a great progressive care in our asylum using regular enema and huge dildos’ every day. After that, cock won’t seem so scary to these bitches…


Anal fool girl

Take a close look at this amazing ass – would you like to fuck it? Of course you would! So we took this slut into our asylum and gave her a lesson she will never forget. After a session with us and our tools, she will ride your cock anally like a wild beast with nothing to lose!